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Interested in taking classes? Below is a full listing of all our classes currently scheduled. Feel free to browse through our selection of offerings and sign up for the ones you feel will help you on the journey towards your goals!

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  • JUN


    June 2024 Homebuyer Education Class
     - 6/20/2024 10:00 AM
    Thinking about buying your first home? We can help! TRIP's Homeownership Center is a non-profit housing agency dedicated to educating and empowering consumers about what to expect, and most importantly what COSTS to expect, when buying a home. Homebuyer Education program provides all the information needed to learn about: - costs to expect out of pocket - steps in the homebuying process - what to look for in buying a home - shopping for mortgage products - roles of different professionals, and more! You must complete entire course and at least 1 appointment to receive Certificate of Completion Learn all about the homebuying process! What to look for in buying a home, different mortgage products, roles of different professionals, and more. *New clients SHOULD attend Homebuyer Orientation and meet with TRIP first.
  • JUL


    July 2024 Homebuyer Orientation
     - 7/9/2024 5:00 PM
    This is the place to start if you want to buy a home! We'll talk about the advantages & disadvantages of homeownership, qualifying for a mortgage, and costs to expect during the homebuying process. You'll also learn about our Pre-Purchase Program and First Time Homebuyer Grants. This course is held live on Zoom. Please mark this on your calendar and we will send out Zoom links the morning of the class.
  • JUL


    July 25, 2024 Spend Smart
     - 7/25/2024 5:30 PM
    These financial workshops will focus on personal financial strategies, budgeting, credit, and savings. In a difficult economic time, arm yourself with information and devise a plan for your financial well-being. The class is held on Zoom. Link will be sent out the day of or 1 day prior. Be sure to check your spam folder.

Bundled Services

  • Missed Appointment Fee (Please only pay if requested by your counselor) - $15.00
    We ask for 24 hour notice for all appointment re- scheduling. ... Failure to give 24 hours notice may result in a missed appointment fee of $15. This needs to be addressed before you may reschedule.
  • Credit Report Pull - $26.74
    Please chose this option if are looking to pay for one credit report. (soft pull) Please upload your I.D. to your Documents tab. Please got to your Dashboard to sign credit authorizations.
  • Two Credit Reports - $53.48
    Please chose this option if you have a co-applicant and are looking to pay for two credit reports. (soft pull) Please upload I.D.'s to your Documents tab. Please got to your Dashboard to sign credit authorizations.