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For us to help you, we need to know which of the services that we offer that you would like to know more about. Please read the descriptions of the programs and services we offer below, and then select the ones you’re interested in and then we can get started crafting a custom plan just for you!

 Financial Coaching

Our financial coaches will help you develop and maintain healthy financial habits. Here we will go over your financial goals and together determine the steps involved in reaching them. Areas reviewed during a coaching session include (but are not limited to) financial goals, savings, debt, spending plans, and credit. You will walk away with a personalized action plan with the next steps in reaching your goals. Emergency Match Savings to Renters Down Payment Assistance we have a number of different programs to help you achieve your financial goals!

I would like help with: credit, debt, savings, and/or other goals and financial programs.


Are you looking to purchase your own home and need some assistance or have questions? We are here to assist!! To get the best programs overview please sing up for a Homebuyers Orientation under the Classes and Workshop section. ***THIS IS WHERE YOU START IF YOU WISH TO APPLY FOR GRANTS WITH OUR ASSISTANCE AND/OR TAKE HOMEBUYERS EDUCATION***

I would like to take the first step to purchase my own home.

 Programs for Existing Homeowners Rehab to Default Prevention

As a homeowner, one of your financial goals is to maintain the wealth you are creating through ownership. Several ways to protect it include home repairs and energy efficiency that preserve your investment and make your home more comfortable; training to become a landlord with active property management skills that attract good tenants; and when life throws a curve ball, knowledge of options to help protect your home from mortgage delinquency and foreclosure.

I am behind on my mortgage/ I am afraid of falling behind on my mortgage.

Applicants must own the property to be repaired in Rensselaer County as well as occupy it as a primary residence and meet income qualifications. The property must be a residential single-family home and must be on a permanent foundation.

 3rd Party Online Education

Are you looking to take Homebuyers Education through a 3rd party agency? Through this program you can sing up for Online Homebuyers Education through e-Home America or Frameworks (both HUD approved agencies).

I would like to take online Home Buyer Education with a 3rd party. I acknowledge I still need a need on one appointment with a HUD counselor from TRIP to get Homebuyers Education certificate.

 Courses and Classes

We offer many informative courses that can help you reach your goals. From Homebuyer Orientation to Spend Smart, Landlord Training and Home Maintenance Training and more!

I would like to register for a course. Homebuyer Orientation, Spend Smart, Landlord Training and Home Maintenance Training and more!

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